Chittagong Cantonment Public College is situated on the eastern boundary of Chittagong Cantonment. It encompasses the area of 20 acres which was sanctioned by Cantonment Board. It is situated in the midst of natural panorama. This college is surrounded by hills. Here you will find the serene and peaceful atmosphere which provides you the infrastructure and modern facilities of education and that environment of education can please you all. It has been rendering a glorious contribution in the sector of human resource development, from the time of its emergence.

It is the outcome of a long procedure that today this institution is the epitome of highly disciplined and glorious institution. Behind it there is the history of sacrifice and endless endeavor.

17th October, 1961. The then Station Commander Colonel Ahmed Ali Sheik, T.P.K. – invited the then President of Pakistan Field Martial Md. Ayub Khan. NPK, H.J. to inaugurate the foundation of this institution. According to the society registration act XXI 1860, this institution was established by Chittagong Cantonment Public School Foundation. From 23rd October 1961 this institution started its journey. After that many gracious and affluent men came forward to make this great endeavour successful with monetary and moral support. Behind it there were sincerity and generosity.

Rtd. Lt. Colonel M. Sordar Khan (Army Education Corps) was appointed as the first Principal of this institution. He had the experience of academic and administrative works of cadet College and Public School. At last with 24 students and 03 teachers the academic curriculum started. At the beginning of 1970 many highly educated and experienced persons were appointed as the teachers. At that time foreign teachers were also appointed to teach foreign language.

On 1st January, 1971, this institution achieved its first recognition from Secondary and Higher secondary Board of Education, Comilla. Then in class IX humanities group was introduced. During the liberation war of 1971, this institution had to face a great loss. After the independence this institution again started its journey with the effort of the teachers, Board of Trustee and the Board of Governors.

This institution was re-established on 17 March, 1972, with the initiative of the then Brigadier General Mir Showkat Ali BU, psc. Students, teachers, guardians and all the members of the governing body worked jointly to give her the real feature. Next time this institution came under the direct supervision of Bangladesh Army for continuing its gradual acclivity.

On 01 January 1972 it received the permission from Comilla Board of Education to start the discipline of Science from class IX and on 01 January it received the permission to start Business Studies department. With the trend of gradual advancement this institution established the college section in 1981. 01 July, 1981, she was permitted to start humanities and science section in class eleven. Subsequently, on 01 July 1991 she was given the permission to start Business Studies department. Following this came the opening of BA, B.Com and B.Sc under National University in the year of 1995. After that she took the form of self accomplished attire.

On its journey to success, this institution started the English Medium in National Curriculum from class six in the year 2003 and the students of this English Medium appeared in the board exam in 2008, for the first time and brought laurel for the institution. At present this English Medium (National Curriculum) is continuing in H.S.C. level and they also appeared in Board Exam in 2010 and is sure to bring success.

We have another step towards success. It is to be noted that from the session 2005-2006, we reached a new level of advancement. In that glorious year we got the permission from National University to start B.B.A. and Honours in Management.

From the session 2005-2006 the students of B.B.A. and Honours got their admission and this institution started its journey as a University College.

Now Chittagong Cantonment Public College is acclaimed as the one of the highest academic institutions not only in Chittagong area, but also throughout the country. In 2002, it achieved the laurel of the best institution in national level. There are 21 Public Schools and Colleges in Bangladesh under the direct administration of Bangladesh Army. Among them the school section of this institution achieved the highest position in the year 2005. In the last few years she achieved the glory of 100% success in S.S.C. and H.S.C. All these are the shining jewels in her crown.

Along with education, importance is also given on highly trained discipline, games and sports and also other co-curricular activities which will render a great role to flourish the dormant talent of the learners and these will also improve their personality. In every class there is one class teacher, who ensures the presence of students and is always vigilant about the academic improvement of the individual student. At the beginning of the academic year academic calendars are distributed among the students.

According to the dates of the calendar, exams are held and all other activities and competitions are also held according to that calendar. In order to communicate with the parents there are parents’ days. In order to create enthusiasm and competitiveness among the students all the students are divided into three houses. Different competitions are held regularly under the banner of Inter House Competition. For example; debate, recitation, music, games and sports, painting, wall magazine etc. There are different organisations like BNCC, Scouts, Girls’ Guide, Red-Crescent and the students avail the membership of these organisations and thereby they build up their character and personality and get the opportunity to serve the country. Here, there is also an organisation called Connecting Classroom which has connection with Scotland and other member countries. The students are also given the opportunity to take part in different competitions organised in local and national level.

In this institution there is also highly developed and modern infrastructural facilities. In college section there are three spectacular buildings and in school section there are three enormous buildings. In both the sections there are separate libraries and laboratories for physics, chemistry, biology, secretarial science and computer science. There are two canteens for school and college. For the male students there is students’ common room and for the female ones there is another common room.

There is a spacious auditorium which can accommodate 1200 audience. For the transportation of the students there are seven buses. Besides these, there are waiting room for the parents. There are also a spacious play ground, basket ball ground and for the students of nursery, there is one nursery park. There is also a medical officer for the treatment of the students. Here we have experienced and highly trained teachers. Their motto is to teach sincerely in a non-political environment. Here the modern method of instructions are followed to create disciplined, self confident and dedicated citizens who will lead the nation in future.

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