Message from the Chief Patron

Chattogram Cantonment Public College is a pioneer educational institution in Bangladesh. This institution has acquired supremacy through the way of its glorious 50 years. In 2002, it achieved national recognition as “The Best Educational Institution”. The students of this institution are now serving in different Government and Non-Government organizations. To build up a science and technology-oriented nation, this institution is strongly devoted.

Science and Information Technology is an inseparable part of the present progressive world. As without air the existence of mankind cannot be thought, without Science and Technology modern life cannot be survived. I am very much glad to learn that through opening the website Chattogram Cantonment Public College is now connected with the world wide information. In fact it’s an inauguration and determination to be included with a digital country and building a strong global nation. I generously welcome this great expedition and expect all the learners of this institution will remain with this great effort of earning knowledge and education.

Major General Md Saiful Abedin, BSP, SGP, ndc, psc

Chief Patron

Chattogram Cantonment Public College